Read our free tips and guides on various aspects of litigation or civil dispute, property litigation and employment litigation. Including: litigation funding, property misrepresentation, cohabitee claims and statutory declarations.
A cartoon woman cowers away from solicitor intimidation. Parachute Law discuss Legal Bullying in Family Law and what to do if you are affected

How To Combat Legal Bullying

Have you been a victim of solicitor intimidation? We discuss Legal Bullying and what to do if you are affected
Regulatory authority giving instructions to a customer on how to make a formal complaint. Parachute Law's guide on fighting conveyancer negligence

Conveyancer Negligence

Are you a victim of conveyancer negligence? You can claim compensation and recover your losses.
RICS surveyor negligence solicitors with woman pointing finger

RICS surveyor negligence solicitors

How do you make a claim if your surveyor was negligent? We explain what your rights are and how to get back your losses. We are RICS Surveyor Negligence Solicitors.
Solicitor giving you advice on what insurance is best in your legal dispute. Parachute Law's guide on After the Event Insurance

After The Event Insurance

Are you starting a claim and think you might need an After the Event Insurance? We have put together a guide on everything you need to know first.
Lending Money To Friends the right way with Parachute Law

Lending Money to Friends

Thinking about lending money to friends? What to consider in your agreement and when you might need a contract for loaning money to a friend.
Litigation Funding from Parachute Law

Litigation Funding

What is litigation funding? Learn how Conditional fee & Damages-based agreements, ATE insurance & Third party funding (litigation finance) can work for you.
Business Ethics: Parachute Law is proud to support the Better Business Act

Business Ethics

Parachute Law's business ethics, in support of the Better Business Act. We believe in transparency and accountability to the environment and wider community.