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Boundary Dispute from Parachute Law: Two children's wood block toy houses sit on false grass, separated by a line of red string.

Boundary Dispute

We can help with your boundary dispute. Boundary disputes with neighbours are often bitter and complex. Get an affordable no nonsense quote now.
Form PE3: Statutory Declaration - Unpaid Penalty Charge. How to dispute your penalty charge notice if you have been sent an order for recovery. From Parachute Law

Form PE3: Statutory Declaration - Unpaid Penalty Charge

Form PE3 is the Statutory Declaration form for an unpaid penalty charge notice, to show you didn't receive your documents. We can witness it for you.
Should i accept a part 36 offer? From parachute law

Part 36 Offer

We answer: What is a Part 36 offer, or CPR 36? Including Part 36 Tactics, benefits and Part 36 costs consequences if you refuse the offer.
Litigation Funding from Parachute Law

Litigation Funding

What is litigation funding? Learn how Conditional fee & Damages-based agreements, ATE insurance & Third party funding (litigation finance) can work for you.
A Property Misrepresentation Claims guide from Parachute Law

Property Misrepresentation Claims

We explain what you can do in cases of misrepresentation in property transactions, and how property misrepresentation claims can be made and proven.
Eviction Notice: How to evict tenants, a guide from Parachute Law

Eviction Notice

How to legally evict tenants using a section 21 notice to quit, or section 8 eviction notice. We can help with your application to court.
Business Ethics: Parachute Law is proud to support the Better Business Act

Business Ethics

Parachute Law's business ethics, in support of the Better Business Act. We believe in transparency and accountability to the environment and wider community.