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A watering can waters a growing pile of cash with a Directors Loan Agreement from Parachute Law Solicitors

Director's Loan Agreement

Always use a professionally drafted directors loan agreement and consider financial advice, whether the director is borrowing from or lending to the company.
A giant pound coin lands on a see-saw rocketing a business person up into the air. Get a watertight loan agreement for your Directors Loan To Company, from Parachute Law Solicitors

Directors Loan to Company

A Directors loan to company is paid into the company to cover start up costs or short term cash flow issues. It is repaid to the Director, usually with interest
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Director's Loan From a Company

Considering a Directors Loan? There are heavy tax penalties if the DLA is still overdrawn 9 months after the year-end
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Business Ethics

Parachute Law's business ethics, in support of the Better Business Act. We believe in transparency and accountability to the environment and wider community.