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Our solicitor is available from 23/05/2022** and we offer Director Independent Legal Advice for all mortgage lenders***.

Our Fixed Fee is (based on the loan amount being £600,000 and under) £299 INC VAT for the first director and £180 INC VAT for any additional directors. Short on time? We can expedite your appointment for no extra charge and use Recorded Delivery to send your certificate****.

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Director Guarantee flow chart of how the process works, from Parachute Law
How quickly can this be done?
We know the request for legal advice often happens close to exchange so we will help you turn the meeting around as quickly as possible.

We have acted for Directors who have used:
  • Aldermore Bank Plc
  • Birmingham Midshires
  • Bridging Finance Solutions Ltd
  • Brown Shipley
  • CPF One Limited
  • Darlington Building Society
  • Gatehouse Bank
  • Gemini Finance
  • Hambros Secure Lending
  • Hey Habito Limited
  • HSBC UK Bank Plc
  • Interbay Funding Limited
  • Kensington Mortgages
  • Keystone Property Finance Limited
  • LendInvest Limited
  • Lloyds Bank Plc
  • Molo Finance
  • Nottingham Building Society
  • Octopus Real Estate
  • Onesavings Bank Plc t/a Kent Reliance
  • Optimum Credit
  • Paragon Bank Plc
  • Precise Mortgages (Charter Court Financial Services Limited)
  • State Bank of India (UK) Limited
  • The Mortgage Lender Limited
  • The Mortgage Works
  • Together Personal Finance Ltd
  • Vida Homeloans
  • West One Secured Loans Limited
  • Gatehouse Bank plc
  • Lendlnvest BTL Limited
  • Together Commercial Finance Limited
  • Pepper Money Limited (trading as Pepper Money)
  • Zephyr Homeloans, a trading name of Topaz Finance Limited

Does your Lender accept ILA by video conference?
Some mortgage lenders will not accept independent legal advice provided by video conference. It is your responsibility to check that they will accept a signature which has been witnessed by video conference. If your certificate is refused by your mortgage lender because your independent legal advice was conducted by video conference, Parachute Law reserves the right to withhold any refund of our fees.

Which Lenders Can't we help with?
  • Fleet Mortgages do not allow meetings via video conference
  • Foundation Home Loans
  • Together Money
  • Together Commercial Finance Limited

Frequently Asked Questions
A director's personal guarantee is used when a company buys a property under mortgage. The director(s) guarantees that they will be personally liable for the debt.

They are used when the Lender wants to make sure that they will still have someone to pursue someone for any outstanding debt if the company goes into liquidation.
A director' personal guarantee means that if the company is unable to repay the mortgage, upon demand by the mortgage lender, then, the personal assets of the director may be called upon by the mortgage lender.

Here are a list of some of the risks that may be included within the terms of your mortgage offer:

  • Call upon the repayment on demand. You may not be in breach of any mortgage terms and the mortgage lender may call upon the Director to settle the mortgage debt 'on demand' within 14 days.
  • Limit. A director guarantee may not be limited to just the mortgage debt and could require the director to pay off other debts/overdrafts with the mortgage lender.
If you're making a director's guarantee, getting an indirect mortgage or a proprietor non-borrower mortgage, you must have independent legal advice on the legal advice on the mortgage offer and terms related to the property being purchased or refinanced. In some cases there'll also be a Third Party Charge registered over your own residential home and you will need separate independent legal advice on this. We charge an additional fee for the supplemental legal advice for a Third Party Charge on your own home
Our advice certificates do not expire.

If your Lender has requested a more recent advice certificate, even if your circumstances have not changed, then this must mean that your mortgage offer has been reissued with a more recent date.

Even if the terms of the mortgage offer have not changed, we cannot amend the date of your advice certificate as this advice was valid for the expired mortage offer. We would need to provide advice on the re-issued mortgage offer and provide a new certificate dated for the new advice.

We understand that this may be frustrating. If neither your circumstances, nor the terms of the offer have changed, we are able to offer you a new appointment and certificate for the reduced cost of £180. This cost includes the solicitors review of the reissued offer, to confirm that the terms have not changed.
Most mortgage lenders do not require the guarantee to be witnessed by the solicitor. You should speak to your mortgage lender or broker to confirm if this is a requirement and if it is that they will accept a remote witness via video conference..
The purpose of independent legal advice is to make sure that you understand the risks and implications of personal guarantees by directors and that the decision to sign is yours and yours alone. The adviser must be able confidently to confirm that you are not being coerced into signing the documents.

If you have booked a joint meeting with another Director, the solicitor will still need to see you completely alone during the part of the meeting so please make sure that you can do that. If you have to book a further call for this "alone time", there may be a further fee to pay.

If you are the only person receiving independent legal advice from our solicitor, you MUST be completely alone in the room. If our solicitor detects other people are hovering in the background, we reserve the right to terminate the meeting and you will need to rebook the meeting a a further date at a fee.
Our standard scope of work does not include the certification of Director ID. You can either ask your conveyancer certify your ID or we can do this for an additional fee. Click below to book this service.

If you lose your documents or need us to provide you with duplicate documents then there is an additional fee to pay. We will need need to complete the witnessing procedure again and you will need to book and pay for that appointment here:

We recommend that you add the Special Delivery Service to your initial booking, as you can claim compensation from Royal Mail for lost documents which will cover the cost of the further appointment you've had to book.

A few Lenders will not accept independent legal advice provided by video conference. It is your responsibility to check that they will accept independent legal advice which has been provided by video-conference.

Some Lenders also require your solicitor to witness your signature on the documents by video conference. Before you book with us, check that your Lender will accept a remotely witnessed document.

If your certificate is refused by your mortgage lender because your independent legal advice was conducted by video conference, or your signature witnessed on a video-call, we'll still have provided you with the service and can't give you a refund of our fees.

* No Billing Surprises

** Subject to availability. If we are fully booked ask and we will see if we can fit you in sooner.
*** We can act for all mortgage lenders, however some lenders such as Fleet Mortgages do not allow ILA by video conference. To avoid delays check with your lender or ask us if we can complete via video conference.
**** The Certificate of Independent Legal Advice is sent by email or post on the same day you sign your Advisory Letter online.
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