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Our solicitor is available from 23/05/2022* to review your auction legal pack and provide a report based on the findings from the documents provided.

Auction legal pack review cost

Our Fixed Fee is £360 INC VAT for a freehold or £480 INC VAT for a leasehold. The service includes:

  • Review the available paperwork
  • Interpret the title
  • Flag the missing documents & insufficient information
  • Provide a written report highlighting the risks involved with the property.

If you are looking into buying a property at auction you are probably familiar with the perks already. It is important that you are aware, too, of the risks, as you are contractually bound to complete the purchase if you win the bid, unlike standard conveyancing.

Before the auction itself the auction house will provide a legal pack for the property. Unfortunately these can often be insufficient, especially when the sale is due to repossession as the seller didn't own or live in the property.

What is included in auction legal pack review?

Your pack should contain:

  • The Contract of Sale
  • The Title Plan - the boundary of the property
  • Official copy of the register of title - also known as the title deeds
  • Conveyancing Searches - normally the local authority, drainage and environmental search
  • Protocol Forms - TA6 Property Information Form, TA10 Fittings and Contents Form and (if leasehold) TA7 Leasehold Information Form
  • Leasehold Information Pack (If Leasehold) - also known as the Management Information Pack. It contains information about the ground rent, service charge and major works.

We can carry out an auction legal pack review to report any missing information and issues in the existing documents, before you tie yourself into a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions
Property is being sold at auction for a reason, however what reason you can never be sure about. Here are some of the issues that can be found within an auction legal pack:

  • Possessory Title - the property may not be transferred with an absolute title.
  • Breach of covenant - the current owners may have breached a covenant in the title deeds.
  • Planning or Building Control issues - the current owner has completed works requiring council sign off.

  • Service charge arrears - the owners have not paid their service charges.
  • Major works - the freeholders are planning major works.
  • Short lease - the lease is shorter than 80 years.

Often the auction house will charge you for:
  • Administration Charge
  • Buyers Premium
  • Cost of searches
  • Other costs specific to the property

All of these fees should be in the Auction Legal Pack which we will review for you and notify you of any hidden fees.

Our auction legal pack review cost is £360 INC VAT for a freehold or £480 INC VAT for a leasehold
The seller's costs for selling a house at auction include a commission of 2%+VAT of the final sale price, only paid upon successful sale. As well as the legal cost of instructing your solicitor to put together the auction legal pack.

Are you looking for an Auction Legal Pack Review for a property that will be jointly owned?

Whenever investing in a property with any other party, you should consider getting a Floating Deed of Trust to protect your interest in the property and to factor for future investments into it.

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