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Buying & Selling Property

Parachute Law can provide a comprehensive legal services involving your property transactions and agreements.

Transfer of Equity - Independent Legal Advice

The party who is being removed from a legal title requires independent legal services to protect themselves and the transaction from scrutiny in the future.

Fixed Fee - £300

Additional Person - £150

Auction Legal Pack Review

If you are looking into buying a property at auction you are probably familiar with the perks already. It is important that you are aware, too, of the risks, as you are contractually bound to complete the purchase if you win the bid, unlike standard conveyancing.

Before the auction itself the auction house will provide a legal pack for the property. Unfortunately these can often be insufficient, especially when the sale is due to repossession as the seller didn't own or live in the property.

Our qualified solicitors can review your auction pack and send a report with their findings.

Fixed Fee - £299 - Freehold

Fixed Fee - £480 - Leasehold

Auction Pack Searches

Auction packs often don't include all of the property searches you need to make an informed decision into the property you are buying. We can help order these for you and some are returned within 24 hours.

Fixed Fee Searches

Equity Release

Equity release allows individuals aged 55 or over to release equity from their property, without having to make any monthly repayments.

Fixed Fee - £299

Additional Person - £180

Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor

Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor is a type of mortgage where not all parties to the mortgage are legal owners of the property. For guarantors to a mortgage, where they are party to the mortgage terms, but have no benefit from the property and their names are not registered over the legal title.

Fixed Fee - £234
Additional Person - £180

Borrower & Proprietor Mortgage

These are transactions where a borrower who also is a proprietor (legal owner) is taking our a mortgage but the money is being used for something the borrower doesn't benefit from.

Fixed Fee - £299
Additional Person - £180

Sole Borrower, Joint Proprietor Mortgage

Sole Borrower, Joint Proprietor is where one party is taking out a mortgage, but there is more than one party listed on the title. The lender requires the party who isn't on the mortgage, but is living at the property, to get independent legal advice.

Fixed Fee - £299

Occupier Waiver Form - £180