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Our solicitor is available from 23/05/2022* and we offer joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage independent legal advice (JBSP mortgage ILA, otherwise known as BNP mortgage ILA) for all mortgage lenders**.

Our Fixed Fee is £234 INC VAT for the first borrower and £180 INC VAT for any additional borrower. Short on time? We can expedite your appointment for no extra charge and use Recorded Delivery to send your certificate***.

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What does your mortgage lender need?

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (Borrower Non Proprietor) Mortgage Legal Advice Requirement

Barclays Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor

    You will need to supply the details of the solicitor who you are instructing to provide the legal advice, using Barclays Independent Legal Advice - Information Request Form (use our part filled form to the right).
    Barclays issues the mortgage documents, offer and certificate of independent legal advice to the solicitor's details you stated in the form. It can take anywhere from 5 to 15 working days to be issued to the solicitor.
    Only once your Barclays papers are received can you book an appointment to have your independent legal advice.

Your solicitor can't help chase the documents for you so make sure to get your broker to help or chase Barclays direct.
Please ensure you use our exact details as per the downloadable form. Failure to supply an exact match may result in Barclays refusing to accept your certificate.

Metro Bank Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor

Metro Bank allow the parties requiring legal advice to provide their mortgage offer and terms to the solicitor. There is no prescribed Certificate of Independent Legal Advice so our solicitor will draft this for you.

No form to download

Skipton Building Society

Once you provide your mortgage offer, mortgage terms and any other lender documents then you can book your independent legal advice.

No form to download

Principality Building Society

Once you provide your mortgage offer, mortgage terms and any other lender documents then you can book your independent legal advice.

No form to download

We have advised borrowers regarding their mortgage agreement for the following lenders:
  • Aura Finance Limited
  • Bank of Ireland UK
  • Chorley Building Society
  • Coutts & Co
  • Dudley Building Society
  • Family Building Society
  • First Direct (HSBC)
  • Furness Building Society
  • Halifax (Bank of Scotland plc, Halifax division)
  • Hinckley And Rugby Building Society
  • HSBC UK Bank Plc
  • Ipswich Building Society
  • Leeds Building Society
  • Legal & General Home Finance Ltd
  • Lloyds Bank Plc
  • Mastaven Bank Limited
  • Metro Bank Plc
  • National Westminster Bank Plc
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • One Family Mortgages
  • Principality Building Society
  • Reliance Bank Limited
  • Santander UK Plc
  • Step One Finance
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland
  • The Tipton and Coseley Building Society
  • Virgin Money Plc
  • Wesleyan Bank Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're making a director's guarantee, getting an indirect mortgage or a proprietor non-borrower mortgage, you must have independent legal advice on the legal advice on the mortgage offer and terms related to the property being purchased or refinanced.

In some cases there'll also be a Third Party Charge registered over your own residential home and you will need separate independent legal advice on this. We charge an additional fee for the supplemental legal advice for a Third Party Charge on your own home
The purpose of independent legal advice is to make sure that you understand the risks and implications of what you are agreeing to and that the decision to sign is yours and yours alone. The adviser must be able to confidently confirm that you are not being coerced into signing the documents.

If you are not on your own during the meeting then the solicitor will stop the meeting and you will need to rebook at a time where you are alone at a cost of £120 INC VAT. We will not refund any fee to you if you don't rebook.
Your conveyancing solicitor cannot provide the independent legal advice. The mortgage lender requires the legal advice to be provided by an independent solicitor who is not a party to the transaction or a party to the mortgage.
The independent solicitor can provide the legal advice to two borrowers, such as a mum and dad, but the advice must be provided in a separate meeting.
Our advice certificates do not expire.

If your Lender has requested a more recent advice certificate, even if your circumstances have not changed, then this must mean that your mortgage offer has been reissued with a more recent date.

Even if the terms of the mortgage offer have not changed, we cannot amend the date of your advice certificate as this advice was valid for the expired mortage offer. We would need to provide advice on the re-issued mortgage offer and provide a new certificate dated for the new advice.

We understand that this may be frustrating. If neither your circumstances, nor the terms of the offer have changed, we are able to offer you a new appointment and certificate for the reduced cost of £180. This cost includes the solicitors review of the reissued offer, to confirm that the terms have not changed.
We have acted for:
  • Barclays Bank UK Plc
  • Metro Bank Plc
  • Furness Building Society
  • HSBC Bank Plc
  • Halifax Bank Plc
  • National Westminster Bank Plc (Natwest)
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Nottingham Building Society
  • Skipton Building Society

Please get in contact to confirm whether we can act for your mortgage lender by calling 0207 183 4547 or email us now on thelegalteam@parachutelaw.co.uk.
There is no requirement for a solicitor to witness a signature upon the Mortgage Deed. This can be signed in the presence of an independent third party (a person over the age of 18 years old who is not related to any person named in the transaction).

* Subject to availability. If we are fully booked ask and we will see if we can fit you in sooner.
** We can act for all mortgage lenders, however some lenders such as Fleet Mortgages do not allow ILA by video conference. To avoid delays check with your lender or ask us if we can complete via video conference.
*** The Certificate of Independent Legal Advice is sent by email or post on the same day you sign your Advisory Letter online.
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