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Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important to no only choose a solicitor based on their affordability, but also on their service reviews, terms of service and also on how well you gel when speaking to them. An employment case can take years to see through to the end so having an employment solicitor who you trust and who you like will help if the case drags on.

Our solicitor can review your case and confirm whether or not they will agree to act under a No Win No Fee Agreement. Not all cases do.

Your solicitor will need to be fairly confident that you will win your case and that your award will cover their fees.

You will need to pay upfront for your solicitor to do a full case assessment.

Lawyer is an American term for solicitor. Our employment solicitors are skilled in handling all aspects of employment law, including unfair or constructive dismissal cases.
The solicitor prepares the case and witness statements. Later, if, or when, you go to Tribunal or to Court, the barrister presents your case to the Judge.

The solicitor will be doing more of the case preparation and research, while a barrister will present cases to a Judge on a day in day out basis and so will be more used to court protocols, tactics and how the Judges award different types of cases.
We do not currently offer meetings via WhatsApp.
* Subject to availability. If we are fully booked ask and we will see if we can fit you in sooner.

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