ID2 verification is used to prove the identity of a person for a company or corporate body, often the Director. This is required to carry out a land or property transaction by the company or corporate body. If you need ID verification for an individual, you need an ID1, instead.

We carry out your ID2 verification online via video call for efficiency, convenience and to keep your costs down. Video verification requires an ID5, which we verify at the same time, for free.

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Our solicitor is available today* and you'll be emailed your completed ID2/ID5 form after your meeting. Our Fixed Fee is £150 INC VAT (per person).

You can complete your ID2 form online by clicking and completing the below form. Once completed you can print a copy and sign it ready to send to us to verify your ID.

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ID2 forms are used to verify the identity of a corporate body. The most common use for this is when a company is buying property - it will need a Land Registry ID2.

    You complete this ID2 Form online and attach your letter of authority from the company. There is no need to send us a hard copy, original documents or a passport sized photo.
    You scan to us a copy of your passport or a UK photo driving licence. Scan can be scanned by printer or a photo from your phone.
    A Zoom call is arranged with our firm.
    Completed ID2 and ID5 (used for video verification) Form are posted to you

Frequently Asked Questions

Either one of List A or, two of List B, but no more that one of each type.
List A
List B
  • Current valid full passport – State the country of issue and number of the passport;
  • Current United Kingdom, EU, Isle of Man, Channel Islands photo-card driving licence (not a provisional licence) – State the number of the licence; or
  • Current Bio-metric Residence Permit issued by the UK Home Office to a non-UK national resident in the UK – State the number of the permit.
  • Credit card bearing the Mastercard or Visa logo, an American Express or Diners Club card, or a debit or multi-function card bearing the Maestro or Visa logo which was issued in the United Kingdom and is supported by an original account statement less than three months old*;
  • Utility bill less than three months old*;
  • Council tax bill for the current year;
  • Council rent book showing the rent paid for the last three months;
  • Mortgage statement for the mortgage accounting year just ended*; or
  • Current firearm or shotgun certificate.
*These must be postal statements; they must not be statements sent electronically.

We cannot accept ID that isn't listed above. You can contact Land Registry Customer Support at or by calling 0300 006 0411 from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.

An ID1 is for an individual person. An ID2 is for a person representing a company. For an ID2, you must also provide us with:
  • an original company search in respect of the corporation which is dated within the last three months and which confirms that the corporation has not been dissolved; and
  • evidence of the individual's authority to represent the corporation.

Search Companies House to check if a company is dissolved.
Yes we can using the new ID5 procedure from the Land Registry. The process is explained below
We have simplified the process for you as follows:

    You complete section A of the attached ID2 form and send to us. There is no need to send us original documents or a passport sized photo.
    You upload a copy of your passport (any country); or UK photo driving licence; or Biometric residence permit to the online form. This can be scanned by printer or a photo from a phone as long as in colour and a clear copy.
    In addition to the above, we also require an ‘Authority to Represent’ to be uploaded to the online form.
    After you submit the form you will be prompted to arrange payment via PayPal (if you have paid in advance, you can enter your password instead). Once payment has been received, a link to our online calendar will be shown, allowing you to book a Zoom appointment with one of our solicitors. A screenshot will be taken to confirm that the meeting has taken place.
    The completed ID2 and ID5 forms are posted back to you to be signed, dated and provided to the conveyancing solicitor, Land Registry or other party as required on the same day as the Zoom meeting.

Our ID2 and ID5 service uses the new Land Registry process for witnessing ID via video conference. Read more here - Land Registry - Section 8.1 - Evidence as to identity in form ID1.
The meeting will last about 15 minutes while the solicitor completes Section B of the ID2 form. You will have completed the required fields for Section A in your instruction form above.

This service does not include any legal advice in respect of the transaction you are undertaking. If you require legal advice on the transaction please contact us for a quote, or see our Menu of Services

You will receive the certified documents by email to send to the solicitor handling the conveyancing for you. You will need to print these in full colour. Alternatively you can arrange for your solicitor to print and post these by special delivery, for an additional fee.

When the The Land Registry receive the land transaction documents, they will call your solicitor to confirm that they did complete the ID2 verification meeting.
Application or Transaction
Person who needs ID verification
Transfer of land or transfer of a mortgage (whether or not for money, also includes transfers to appoint or remove a trustee and assents by personal representatives
Transferor (seller), Transferee (buyer), any attorney acting for the seller or buyer
Lease (whether or not for money)
Landlord, Tenant, any attorney acting for the landlord or tenant
Surrender of a registered lease: application to close the leasehold title (includes surrenders by transfer and by operation of law)
Landlord, Tenant, any attorney acting for the landlord or tenant
Mortgage (charge): of registered land or of unregistered land on compulsory first registration
Lender (chargee), Borrower (chargor), any attorney acting for the lender or borrower
Discharge of mortgage in paper form DS1 or DS3
Compulsory first registration explains when an application for first registration is compulsory)
Seller or landlord, Buyer or tenant, any attorney acting for the above
Voluntary first registration but only where the deeds have been lost and the applicant is not a conveyancer or a well-known corporate body who lost them themselves
Applicant for first registration as proprietor of the land, any attorney for the applicant
Change of name by deed poll, statutory declaration or statement of truth
Person changing their name (in their new name)
Change of address
Person changing their address

You can read more about when ID verification is required in conveyancing in Practise guide 67
If you are the party getting the ID2 verification, then a company director or company secretary will need to provide us with a letter granting you authority. This should be worded as follows:

Example ID2 - Authority to represent
* Subject to availability. If we are fully booked ask and we will see if we can fit you in sooner.

ID2 Form Verified by a solicitor firm

Parachute Law is a regulated solicitor firm in England and Wales. We can verify your ID2 via video conference on the same day*.