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Changing Locks and Family Homes

Changing Locks and Family Homes

Changing locks often comes up when couples are thinking about separating, whether they're married, in a civil partnership, or living together. It's also a topic when one person has been asked to leave the shared home.
How to Remove Restriction on Property from Parachute Law

How to Remove Restriction on Property

What is a restriction on a property title, how to remove it & how long does it take to remove?
A woman stands by a shredder, shredding an old declaration of trust which has been changed.

Can a Declaration of Trust be Changed?

When and why can a declaration of trust be changed: including how to use a deed of variation or deed of surrender for changing a deed of trust
A Beneficiary to a Deed of Trust weighs up a Yes / No decision, on whether to consent to a disposition made by the Trustee(s). Parachute Law discusses Form B restrictions, their application and removal.

Form B Restrictions

Form B restrictions only apply to some properties held in Trust. They protect the beneficiaries where a Trust restricts the power of the trustees.
Can you cancel a Deed of Trust? Parachute Law explains how to revoke your deed.

Can You Cancel a Deed of Trust?

Wondering if you can cancel a deed? Your legally binding document can be overridden by a deed of surrender.
A man Signing a Deed | Parachute Law explains How to Sign a Deed.

How To Sign A Deed

We've explained in a few simple steps on How to execute your Deed correctly to ensure it is legally binding.
Business Ethics: Parachute Law is proud to support the Better Business Act

Business Ethics

Parachute Law's business ethics, in support of the Better Business Act. We believe in transparency and accountability to the environment and wider community.