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Independent Legal Advice Mortgage

Independent Legal Advice Mortgage

Get independent legal advice for the mortgage product you have. We can handle all types of transaction and work with the major mortgage lenders.
HMRC Form 17 from Parachute Law

HMRC Form 17

When and how to use an HMRC Form 17 for married couples to split the tax on rental income. Plus, why you need a deed or declaration of trust.
Unmarried Couple Property Rights from Parachute Law

Unmarried Couple Property Rights with Property Division

Who gets the house when an unmarried couple splits up? We explain your unmarried couple property rights with property division, for cohabiting partners.
Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common from Parachute Law

Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common: Pros and Cons

Joint tenants vs tenants in common. We explain: What is the difference between joint tenants in tenants in common? And, is tenants in common a good idea?
Prenuptial Agreement and Trust from Parachute Law

Prenuptial Agreement and Trust

How do you protect your premarital assets? We explain the difference between prenuptial agreements and trust to help you make the right decision.
Post Nuptial Agreement from Parachute Law; an older couple sign an agreement together

Post Nuptial Agreement

A post nuptial agreement can be executed at any time during the marriage to set out yours and your spouses property rights over assets that you hold.
Business Ethics: Parachute Law is proud to support the Better Business Act

Business Ethics

Parachute Law's business ethics, in support of the Better Business Act. We believe in transparency and accountability to the environment and wider community.