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Your home is your castle. It's also your sanctuary and for most people, your financial security too. Property litigation can be stressful and make you feel as though the rug could be pulled out from under your feet at any time. Our property dispute solicitors give honest, no nonsense advice to help you find a positive resolution as quickly as possible, whether you are a tenant, homeowner, or landlord.

Book a meeting today with our solicitor to find out what you are due from your property and find out the costs and process for getting your money out. Our Fixed Fee is £576 INC VAT for 1 hour video conference to discuss your case and 1 hour drafting a letter setting out your position to the other party/solicitor.

Property Dispute
Instruct our solicitor today to get legal advice on how much you are due from the property and the costs/process of getting your money out of the property. Includes 1 hour meeting and 1 hour drafting of letter to confirm position with the other party.
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What are full names of the legal owners of the property?
As per their passport, for example Mr John James Smith and Miss Jane Julie Doe.

What is the relationship between you and the other party/ies?

Is the property a residential or a buy to let?

How do you currently own the property?
If you are unsure we will check for you. Joint Tenants cannot hold separate beneficial shares in a property. If the property is currently held as Joint Tenants then we can help sever the joint tenancy so the property is held as Tenants in Common for an additional fee.

What is the property's current market price?
This is the estimated current market value as at today's date if you were selling it on the open market.

How much money do you think you are due from the property?
This can be an amount, for example, £10,000, or it can be a percentage, for example 50%.

Is there a mortgage registered over the property?

What is the mortgage value?
This is the estimated current total mortgage debt as at today's date.

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    Proof of Photo ID
Attach a copy of your current valid passport or driving licence for all parties.
    Proof of Address
Attach 2 scan copies of your home address (you can't use the same company twice for different months. You can use a utility/mobile bill, formal notice like HMRC letter or council tax or bank statement no older than 3 months).
    Supporting evidence
Attach anything that supports your claim to owning a beneficial interest in the property such as a deed of trust or a written statement between you and the other party/ies.
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Beneficial Interest Dispute Legal Advice


What does it mean for a property to be under litigation?

Property litigation is any kind of legal dispute relating to property. Our experienced property litigation solicitors can help you fight your case. We can also help with advice, deeds of trust to protect your property from a dispute with your co-owners in the future.

What does a property dispute lawyer do?

Parachute Law can help with:

  • Beneficial interest dispute including forcing a sale
  • Boundary dispute
  • Private & commercial rent arrears recovery
  • Housing disrepair claims
  • Tenancy deposit scheme dispute
  • Tenancy surrender
  • Evicting squatters
  • Property misrepresentation claims
  • Breach of covenants
  • Construction dispute
  • No disposition of the registered estate
  • Right of light
  • Party wall disputes
  • Anti social neighbours

How do I settle a property dispute?

Contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our property litigation solicitors. We'll assess your case and advise you on your best next steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions
A property litigation solicitor. We have property litigation solicitors available for next day appointments. (next working day, subject to availability).
A property dispute is any dispute over a property. Usually involving two or more people (or companies) who disagree over their rights and responsibilities regarding the property.

For example:
  • Carlo lives next door to Natasha and Hóng tāo. Natasha and Hóng tāo get a dog. They want to cut down the flowering hedge between their properties and replace it with wooden fencing to keep the dog secure in the garden. Carlo believes the hedge is on his side of the boundary and thinks they should put the fence up on their side of the hedge, leaving it standing in his garden. They disagree, as this would give them and their new dog less garden space.

  • Alys and Osian rent their house. About a month ago part of the roof collapsed, which has been leaking into their daughter's bedroom and the family bathroom ever since. The landlord sent someone around who patched the worst of it with tarp but work to repair the roof still has not begun. Alys and Osian are concerned about their safety and think the landlord should put them in alternative accommodation until the work is complete.

  • Olive bought a house 3 years ago and has recently noticed some subsidence on the gable end. It appears that the extension, built in the 1970's, had no proper foundations. The conveyancing solicitor believes that this was negligence on behalf of the surveyor. However, the surveyor says that the documents provided by the previous owner fraudulently showed adequate foundations. The previous owner was given the documents by the seller before her, who is now deceased.

You can sell property during most property disputes with neighbours. However, you must disclose this information in a TA6 form, where you give the buyer detailed information about the property. It is often unlikely that you will be able to sell a property without a TA6 and if you omit information you are likely to find yourself in a dispute with the new owners when they eventually find out the truth. you may be liable for any loss they suffer as a result of an undisclosed dispute.

Here are some tips for selling a disputed property:

Are you facing property litigation? We have property dispute solicitors for you

The process for settling a property dispute can be long and costly. If you don't have a legal agreement setting out your beneficial share in the property then get in contact with us and see how we can help.

We can assist with:
  • Working out your beneficial interest
  • Pre-action negotiations
  • Application to court
  • Preliminary hearing
  • Mediation
  • Court appearance

We have on hand counsel to support your claim and offer guidance along the way.

Qualified Solicitors | Competitive Quotes | Straight Talking Legal Support

Are you facing property litigation?

We have property dispute solicitors who can help you with:
  • Working out your beneficial interest
  • Pre-action negotiations
  • Application to court
  • Preliminary hearing
  • Mediation
  • Court appearance