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A Statutory Declaration Form, also known as a stat dec , is used by a solicitor to document that a person has made an oath that their statement is true. The most common uses are for a statutory declaration for a name change (deed poll) or for a Declaration of Solvency.

It is a criminal offence to make a stat dec that you know to be untrue .

The solicitor doesn't give advice on the transaction being undertaken, their role is to listen to your declaration in their capacity as an officer of the law.

The statutory declaration cost is a Fixed Fee of £150 INC VAT per person and we have availability, usually within 1 working day, using video conference. The process is:

    Complete form below (1) provide the details of the party swearing, (2) attach your ID, (3) attach any prescribed wording from your solicitor, (4) pay using PayPal, debit or credit card, (5) book a time that suits using our online calendar.
    Meeting Your meeting is via video conference and you make your declaration to our solicitor where you sign your declaration and we record this via video.
    Send to us You send to us your signed statutory declaration form where the solicitor signs and sends to your solicitor or back to you.

Statutory Declaration Online Instruction
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    Specific Declaration of Solvency (if applicable)
some solicitors provide you with the exact wording they require for the declaration. If this is the case then please attach.
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What statutory declarations do we provide?

  • Name Change
  • Declaration of Solvency for example if a property is being gifted under market value the conveyancer may require a stat dec to confirm you are solvent.
  • Other/Bespoke for example a legal owner in a property transaction may be asked to give a stat dec to confirm they won't look to the council for housing support.

Frequently Asked Questions
Under section 5 of the Perjury Act 1911, if you knowingly and wilfully make a statutory declaration that is false in a material particular, then you are guilty of an offence, and liable on conviction to a term of imprisonment for up to 2 years, or to a fine, or both.
The time limit for delivering this declaration is 21 days from its required use.
The Statutory Declarations Act 1835 is the law that governs the process for making a statutory declaration.
A declaration can be made before anyone who is authorised by law to hear it (for example, a solicitor, Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths).
During the Coronavirus we have started offering meetings via video conference to allow declarations to be made which has removed the need to have a solicitor near you.

We will video record your declaration as evidence of your making it.
Here is an example of the statutory declaration wording as stated in the Schedule within the At:

"I YOUR NAME do solemnly and sincerely declare, that and I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835."

As to what is declared varies and your solicitor will include this within the wording for you. You can see the example wording for a declaration of solvency here.
The cost to have your stat dec listened to is based on the individual fee set by the solicitor. Our Fixed Fee is set at £150 INC VAT. The cost must however be paid on or before the declaration is made as the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 - Fees on oaths payable on declarations substituted in lieu thereof states:

"Whenever any declaration shall be made and subscribed by any person or persons under or in pursuance of the provisions of this Act or any of them, all and every such fees or fee as would have been due and payable on the taking or making any legal oath, solemn affirmation, or affidavit shall be in like manner due and payable upon making and subscribing such declaration."

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