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Our solicitor is available from 23/05/2022* and we can also remove the restriction if you need us to. Choose one of the below to book your meeting with our solicitor to verify get your ID verified in accordance with the restriction.
Complete this form if you are a Sole Proprietor.
Complete this form if there are Two Proprietors.
£150 INC VAT
£200 INC VAT

A form LL restriction is one of several land registry standard form restrictions. We can help with either verifying your ID for Form LL purposes or we can help remove the restriction from the Land Registry for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Some solicitors offer to apply the Form LL anti-fraud restriction when they handle your purchase - you may have ticked a box on their instruction forms to confirm you wanted this. Whilst at the time you may not have realised it, the reason you ticked that box is the reason you need to see a solicitor to verify your ID now.
"No disposition of the registered estate by the proprietor of the registered estate is to be registered without a certificate signed by a conveyancer that that conveyancer is satisfied that the person who executed the document submitted for registration as disponor is the same person as the proprietor"
Any changes to the legal title, such as a sale, transfer of equity or remortgage, can take place without a solicitor verifying the ID of the legal owners.
The anti-fraud restriction can be removed by making an application to the Land Registry. You'll first need your ID to be verified in accordance with the restriction and then you can apply to have the restriction removed. We charge a fixed fee of £150 INC VAT for the removal of the Form LL restriction. This cost is in addition to the verification.
To comply with the restriction, all of the existing legal owners are required to be verified. If you have only paid for one person then we will charge an additional fee of £50 INC VAT for each additional party named on the legal title, however they must be present during the same meeting time (on the same call or added as an additional party to the call). If the other parties can't attend then rearrange for a time that you all can be on the same call, or else we charge £100 INC VAT per person for your own individual call.
The Certificate of Compliance cannot be issued until all legal owners have had their ID verified.
The mortgage deed will state if a solicitor is required to witness the signing of the mortgage deed.

Most mortgage deeds can be witnessed by a third party who does not benefit from the transaction and is over the age of 18. The best witnesses are friends, neighbours or colleagues.

* Subject to availability. If we are fully booked ask and we will see if we can fit you in sooner.
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