Occupier Waiver Form

You need to sign an occupier waiver form (also called a deed of consent or occupier consent form) if you are over 16 and living in a property but you are not a party to the mortgage. This document waives your legal rights to live in the property, in the event that the borrowers break their repayment contract with the lender and the lender is forced to repossess the property.

As long as the mortgage holder keeps up their repayments this shouldn't effect you. However, if they default on their mortgage, you could lose your home. While this doesn't happen often, you must receive proper legal advice to ensure you understand the implications before signing the occupier consent, in order for it to become legally binding.

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Our solicitor is available from 22/05/2024* and we offer Occupier Waiver independent legal advice for all mortgage lenders**.

Our Fixed Fee is £180 INC VAT (per person requiring advice). Short on time? We can expedite your appointment for no extra charge and use Recorded Delivery to send your certificate***.

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The mortgage lender requires the signor of the occupier waiver form to receive proper legal advice from a solicitor, who must be satisfied that you understand the agreement fully. We offer this service from the comfort of your own home, via Skype or Zoom, and have availability the next working day - you can book your appointment once we have your formal instruction.

Can you act for my lender?

We have advised occupiers regarding their consent form for the following lenders:
  • Accord Mortgages
  • Al Rayan Bank PLC
  • Aura Finance Limited
  • Aviva Equity Release UK Limited
  • Aviva Equity Release UK Ltd
  • Barclays Bank UK Plc
  • Cambridge Building Society
  • Gatehouse Bank
  • Halifax (Bank of Scotland plc, Halifax division)
  • HSBC UK Bank Plc
  • Just Retirement Money Limited
  • Leeds Building Society
  • Loan Logics
  • Monmouthshire Building Society
  • More2Life Limited
  • National Westminster Bank Plc
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Onesavings Bank Plc t/a Kent Reliance
  • Santander UK Plc
  • Scottish Widows Bank
  • The Mortgage Lender Limited
  • TSB Bank plc
  • UBS AG
  • United Trust Bank
  • Virgin Money Plc

If your mortgage lender isn't listed above then it is likely we can still help. As long as your mortgage lender allows meetings via remote video conference, then we will be able to help you.

Does your Lender accept ILA by video conference?
Some mortgage lenders will not accept independent legal advice provided by video conference. It is your responsibility to check that they will accept a signature which has been witnessed by video conference. If your certificate is refused by your mortgage lender because your independent legal advice was conducted by video conference, Parachute Law reserves the right to withhold any refund of our fees.

Which lenders can we NOT help with?
  • Canada Life
  • Foundation Home Loans
  • More2Life
  • Together Money
  • Together Commercial Finance Limited

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