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What is an ID1 Form?

An ID1 form for identity verification typically refers to a standardized document or application form used by government agencies, businesses, or organizations to collect personal information and verify the identity of an individual. These forms often adhere to specific standards set by regulatory authorities or industry best practices.

An ID1 Form is also the document used by solicitors and government bodies, like the Land Registry, to prove the identity of individuals. It is most often used during property transactions to protect against identity fraud.

The form requires specific information about you, your historic addresses, and the transaction that the ID1 is needed for. It will also ask you to provide very specific types of documents which are permitted to be used as proof of ID, such as copies of official identification documents (e.g., passport, driver's licence), utility bills, or other proofs of address.

How do I get an ID1 Form ID Verification?

Get your ID1 & ID5 Online ID Verify with Parachute Law - Fixed Fee - £99 INC VAT

Parachute Law specializes in online ID verification, providing a seamless and reliable solution for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you need to verify your ID for accessing certain services or for the purposes of contracts or transactions, Parachute Law has got you covered.

  • 1
    You complete this ID1 Form online. There is no need to send us a hard copy, original documents or a passport sized photo.
  • 2
    You scan to us a copy of your passport or a UK photo driving licence. Scan can be scanned by printer or a photo from your phone. No passport or driving licence? See our FAQ below.
  • 3
    A Zoom call is arranged with our firm to conclude the verification.
  • 4
    Completed ID1 and ID5 (used for video verification) Form are emailed to you for you to print immediately (must be in colour). Alternately you can pay an additional fee when booking, to have a copy posted to you by special delivery.

Our Online ID Verify Services - Fixed Fee - £99 INC VAT

Our solicitor is available from 14/06/2024* and you'll be emailed your completed ID1/ID5 form after your meeting.

You can complete your ID1 form online by clicking and completing the form below. Once completed, you can print a copy and sign it ready to send to us to verify your ID.

We complete the verification via Zoom or Skype, so this service includes both an ID1 and an ID5 together.

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Do I need a solicitor for a Land Registry ID1 Form?

Before your ID1 will be accepted by the Land Registry, it will need to be verified by a solicitor, who will also need to check the documents and briefly meet you to verify you are who you say you are.

Examples of when an ID1 form might be needed include:

  • Transfer of Equity (TR1)
  • Coming off a mortgage
  • Discharge of mortgage
  • Registering a mortgage
  • The purchase or sale of land and property
  • The transfer, surrender or grant of a lease
  • Registering a new, or previously unregistered property

To complete your ID1 form, please fill in the details requested in the form as accurately as possible.

You will also need to upload the documentary proof of your ID to the form, which you can do by taking a clear screenshot or photograph of the document on your phone, or uploading a copy from your device in the normal way.

If you are using the FREE ID1 service, we will then send you the ID1 filled out with your details ready for verification either by us, or another a firm of your choice.

There will be a fee payable for verification.

If you have instructed and paid Parachute Law to verify your ID then once we have all the details from you and have checked your documents, we will arrange a quick video-call between you and one of our solicitors to check you are the person to whom the ID documents relate and to take a screenshot of you for our records.

The cost of an online ID1 and ID5 Form is a fixed fee of £99 INC VAT (per person).

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What is an ID1 Form for?

An ID1 form is typically needed in various situations where identity verification is crucial. The exact requirements can vary depending on the organization, industry, or country, but here are some common scenarios where an ID1 form may be required:

1. Government Services: When applying for government services, such as obtaining a passport, driver's licence, social security benefits, or other official documents.

2. Financial Transactions: Opening a bank account, applying for a loan, or engaging in other financial transactions often requires the completion of an ID1 form to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations.

3. Employment: During the hiring process, employers may require applicants to complete an ID1 form to verify their identity and eligibility to work.

4. Access to Restricted Areas: For security purposes, individuals seeking access to secure or restricted areas, such as airports, government buildings, or certain workplaces, may be required to complete an ID1 form.

5. Healthcare Services: When registering for healthcare services or obtaining health insurance, an ID1 form may be needed for identity verification.

6. Education: Enrolling in educational institutions or participating in certain educational programs may require the completion of an ID1 form.

7. Legal & Property Transactions: When engaging in legal transactions, such as signing contracts or notarizing documents, individuals may need to complete an ID1 form to confirm their identity.

8. Membership Applications: Joining certain organizations, clubs, or professional associations may involve completing an ID1 form to verify the individual's identity.

It's important to note that the specific requirements for an ID1 form can vary, and individuals should follow the instructions provided by the organization or entity requesting the information. The purpose is generally to ensure the accuracy of the provided information and comply with relevant regulations.

Parachute Law can advise in regard to these requirements and complete identity verification online.

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