Traditional 'bundled' legal work involves having to pay a solicitor for all the matters associated with the case, from instruction to conclusion. Whilst having a solicitor handle your whole case is preferable, it is a luxury most cannot afford.

Unbundled legal services are designed to save the client money and make legal services more accessible, allowing you to pay for the bits and pieces that you need, rather than facing an all-or-nothing dilemma.

What do unbundled legal services cover?

Also known as 'a la carte' legal services, unbundled legal services can operate at several levels.

May include:
Likely wont include:
  • Self help packs
  • Advice on a specific step or steps of a case or issue
  • Checking or drafting documents
  • Advocacy or provision of a McKenzie friend under specific circumstances
  • Service of documents
  • Communications with third parties
  • Handling disbursements
  • Going on the court record

Parachute Law offer tailored fixed-fee services, which are closer to a traditional retainer, where we will handle slightly more for you than basic unbundled services, for clearly defined elements of a case.

Each of our unbundled service types have a fixed fee for a specific scope of work, with easy to use instruction forms and clearly defined fees for any additional work beyond the included scope.

Unbundled services are only offered where they are:
  • Appropriate for the complexity of the case
  • Aligned with the client's needs
  • Able to benefit the client

If you have alternative litigation funding, such as legal aid, trade union support, legal expenses insurance or a conditional fee arrangement (CFA) or some other arrangements, it may be more appropriate to instruct your solicitor under a traditional retainer instead.

Your solicitor has a duty of care to apply the relevant degree of skill and exercise reasonable care in carrying our your unbundled services. At Parachute law we will always act in our client's best interests and provide clarity on what is and isn't included in our unbundled legal services.

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