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Our solicitor is available today* and you'll be emailed your completed ID1/ID5 form after your meeting. Our Fixed Fee is £99 INC VAT (per person)

You can complete your ID1 form online by clicking and completing the below form. Once completed you can print a copy and sign it ready to send to us to verify your ID. We complete the verification via zoom, so this service includes both an ID1 and an ID5 together.

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    You complete this ID1 Form online. There is no need to send us a hard copy, original documents or a passport sized photo.
    You scan to us a copy of your passport or a UK photo driving licence. Scan can be scanned by printer or a photo from your phone. No passport or driving licence? See our FAQ below.
    A Zoom call is arranged with our firm.
    Completed ID1 and ID5 (used for video verification) Form are emailed to you for you to print immediately (must be in colour). Alternately you can pay an additional fee when booking, to have a copy posted to you by special delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

We only provide remote ID1 verification for clients who can provide an out of date passport or driving licence along with TWO of any of the following:

  • Credit card bearing the Mastercard or Visa logo, an American Express or Diners Club card, or a debit or multi-function card bearing the Maestro or Visa logo which was issued in the United Kingdom and is supported by an account statement less than three months old*
  • Utility bill less than three months old*
  • Council tax bill for the current year
  • Council rent book showing the rent paid for the last three months
  • Mortgage statement for the mortgage accounting year just ended*
  • Current firearm or shotgun certificate

* These must be postal statements; they must not be statements sent electronically.
We cannot accept any other form of ID.

An ID1 form is the document used by solicitors and government bodies like the Land Registry, to prove the identity of individuals. It is most often used during property transactions to protect against identity fraud.

The form requires specific information about you, your historic addresses, and the transaction that the ID1 is needed for. It will also ask you to provide very specific types of documents which are permitted to be used as proof of ID.

Examples of when an ID1 form might be needed include:

  • Transfer of Equity (TR1)
  • Coming off a mortgage
  • Discharge of mortgage
  • Registering a mortgage
  • The purchase or sale of land and property
  • The transfer, surrender or grant of a lease
  • Registering a new, or previously unregistered property

Before your ID1 will be accepted by the Land Registry for example, it will need to be verified by a solicitor who will also need to check the documents and briefly meet you to verify you are who you say you are.

To complete your ID1 form, please fill in the details requested below as accurately as possible. You will also need to upload the documentary proof of your ID to the form which you can do by taking a clear screenshot or photograph of the document on your phone, or uploading a copy from your device in the normal way.

If you are using the FREE ID1 service, we will then send you the ID1 filled out with your details ready for verification either by us, or another a firm of your choice. There will be a fee payable for verification.

If you have instructed and paid Parachute Law to verify your ID then once we have all of the details from you and have checked your documents, we will arrange a quick video-call between you and one of our solicitors to check you are the person to whom the ID documents relate and to take a screenshot of you for our records.

The cost of an online ID1 and ID5 Form is a fixed fee of £99 INC VAT (per person) for this service. Please call us on 0207 183 4547 to arrange payment.
An ID1 is for an individual person. An ID2 is for a person representing a company.
Yes we can using the new ID5 procedure from the Land Registry. The process is:

    You complete section A of the attached form and send to us. There is no need to send us original documents or a passport sized photo.
    Scan to us a copy, NOT the original, of your passport or a UK photo driving licence. Scan can be scanned by printer or a photo from your phone.
    A Zoom call is arranged with our solicitor Claudine Boast.
    Completed ID1 and ID5 form are posted to you

Our ID1 and ID5 service uses the new Land Registry process for witnessing ID via video conference. Read more here - Land Registry - Section 8.1 - Evidence as to identity in form ID1.

We do not currently offer meetings via WhatsApp.
If you are seeing your solicitor face to face then you will need to bring with you a passport sized photo. If you don't have one we can print one for you at a cost of £10 INC VAT.

If you are seeing your solicitor using Zoom then you do not need a passport sized photo because the solicitor will complete an ID5 to confirm the ID1 was verified via video conference.
ID1 certificates only last three months. HM Land Registry will not accept an ID1 with a photo that is more than 3 months old.

"Where a conveyancer verifies a person’s identity by way of a video call for the purpose of completing a form ID1 or ID2 they must also complete new form ID5. They must also take and retain a screenshot in colour of the person whose identity they are verifying and provide a copy of it along with the form ID5."

"The screenshot can be taken by either person. It must be in colour and show the faces of both people looking straight at the camera and each face must be sufficiently clear to enable a comparison with the photograph on the copy of the personal details page of the passports.

"Where verification is by a conveyancer the screenshot should only be of the person whose identity is being verified."
* Subject to availability. If we are fully booked ask and we will see if we can fit you in sooner.

ID1 Form Verified by a solicitor firm

Parachute Law is a regulated solicitor firm in England and Wales. We can verify your ID1 via Zoom quickly - sometimes on the same day.